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Construction workers putting solar panels on a roof

Combating the impact of climate change has become a top priority for countries all over the world. That’s why different industries are looking at how they can reduce their environmental impact in order to help the planet. The construction sector is no exception to these efforts. With this in mind, this article looks at the importance of sustainability in construction, and how we can work to make construction sites more eco-friendly.

The environmental impact of the construction industry

Due to its very nature, the construction industry uses a huge amount of materials and resources. One of the major issues is the extraction of raw materials, of which the construction industry uses millions of tonnes a year. Extracting raw materials uses a lot of energy, and unfortunately it also causes large pollution problems. Indeed, the construction industry is a big contributor to water and air pollution, in particular the emission of greenhouse gases like CO2. This is caused by machinery on site, transportation and the manufacturing of building materials. As the industry relies on a quick turnover of materials, it also produces a large amount of waste, a lot of which is not recycled and goes to landfill instead.

With these issues in mind, you can see why the importance of sustainability in construction is a big topic at the moment. The good news is that there are ways construction companies can help to reduce this negative environmental impact.

What can we do to help?

Whilst the construction industry has a large impact on the environment, fortunately there are sustainable construction practices that companies can put in place in order to help the environment. This includes:

Using sustainable building materials

As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest environmental issues caused by the construction industry is waste. That’s why, where possible, construction companies should use sustainable building materials. This includes the likes of bamboo, reclaimed wood, precast concrete and products made from recycled materials. Knowing the importance of sustainability in construction, Al Manaratain is proud to say that we use recycled glass aggregate, crushed recycled concrete and artificial stone as an eco-friendly alternative to natural stone.

Discarding construction waste responsibly

As waste is such a big problem on construction sites, it’s important that companies recycle as many materials as they can. Masonry, metal parts, cardboard, paper and glass can all be recycled among other materials. Many of these materials can be used in future construction projects or converted into other products. Preventing harmful waste in this way is a big part of the importance of sustainability in construction.

Using energy efficient equipment

Using on-site equipment that is energy efficient will help to reduce pollution and avoid energy being wasted. Sustainable on-site generators for example, can prevent fuel from being wasted, whilst energy efficient cranes and construction tools will help to reduce the negative impact of building works on the environment. We are also committed to using renewable energy and are proud to have installed solar panels across our sites.

Sustainability at Al Manaratain

Knowing the importance of sustainability in construction, we are proud to take a leading role in the development of innovative and sustainable concrete products that have positive sustainability attributes. Our concrete products are built for longevity, in line with the need for sustainability.

To hear more about our products, or for more information regarding the importance of sustainability in construction, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.