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Al Manaratain is one of the top construction companies in Bahrain has been at the forefront of concrete manufacturing since 1959. Our goal has always been to improve and innovate within our industry, which is why Al Manaratain was one of the island’s first building material manufacturers to recycle used concrete by crushing it, which has numerous practical and environmental benefits. For instance, waste concrete takes up a lot of space on landfill sites and will never biodegrade, so reusing it will help to free up space, save money, and put it to good use. Using crushed recycled concrete also helps to save energy that would have been used to mine, process, or transport new aggregates.

We have previously covered why concrete should be crushed and recycled so, in this article, we’re going to provide an insight into some innovative and clever ways that Al Manaratain crushed recycled concrete can be used.

Create pathways & driveways

Crushed recycled concrete is a great option to use on pathways and driveways outside your home. Using crushed concrete that is carefully laid out creates a stable surface that rainwater can drain through, assisting in reducing the amount of runoff water that sewer systems need to manage.

It’s a great alternative to gravel and if you’re considering implementing this clever use, we would recommend making sure that you are acquiring this from a single building project or batch of concrete if possible. The reason being that concrete from different batches may not be uniform and you could end up with materials of various textures, colours and thicknesses. We know some people prefer this, but it’s still worth bearing in mind just in case you don’t.

Asphalt Paving Base

Waste concrete can find new life as a base for new roads and airport runways once it has been broken up into smaller pieces. Crushed recycled concrete has been used in this manner since the 1990s and has become popular due to the superior results that it delivers. Compared to using unbroken concrete, crushed concrete helps to deliver a smoother surface, significantly reduces construction time, and, of course, is more environmentally friendly.

Use As An Aggregate

One way that construction companies can put waste concrete to good use is by using it as aggregate for ready-mix concrete. Usually, new (or ‘virgin’) concrete aggregate is used for this purpose, but crushed recycled concrete can work just as well so long as it isn’t contaminated by any other material.

Raise Garden Beds

If you are a keen gardener, have you considered using crushed recycled concrete in your raised garden beds? It can provide you with improved drainage to ensure you don’t drown your plants and also makes soil warmer, which can promote quicker seed germination. Raising the garden bed with crushed recycled concrete will also help those with less flexibility and mobility carry on gardening by bringing the bed closer for them to reach.

Fill Wire Gabions

Have you ever noticed walls made up of stones within a wire casing? These are known as wire gabions and are another common use of recycled crushed concrete. Gabions are essentially walls that are quick to erect but still offer some decorative appeal. Also popular as a functional privacy screen or retaining walls, the concrete and stone housed inside the cage are held in place by the wire and nothing else, making it an effective temporary or permanent solution.