The history of Al Manaratain

Al Manaratain’s history goes way back since 1959 when the company was established by Mr. Ali Yousif Hassan as a small manual block factory and crusher plant. In this 50+ years, we have grown today as the leaders in concrete products manufacturing; covering the entire range of products with our factory and operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

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Our Timeline


The company was established in 1959 by Mr. Ali Yousif Hassan as a small manual block factory and crusher plant. The factory was sited behind Khamis mosque and the Crusher plant near Isa Town.


In 1962, he expanded the capacity of the crusher plant and made the block factory semi-automatic. The factory was known as Ali Al Shaab factory, and the company was given the name of AL MANARATAIN, meaning two minarets. In the late 60’s the factory was relocated to Tashan. By this time, Al Manaratain captured a major market share of the concrete products through quality products and services.


During 1970, Mr. Ali increased the production capacity by introducing an additional nine egg layer block machine to cope with the booming market demand.


In 1978 an aggregate washing plant was introduced in Salamabad, and subsequently relocated to Eker, and the crusher plant was relocated to Hafeera in 1980.


During 1980, Mr. Maisan Ali Al Khamiri, son of Mr. Ali, after his higher studies from Lebanon and the United Kingdom, took part in the key role and made the company a modernized one.


In 1982 two fully-automated, block and paving factories, were installed at our Tashan site. To maintain and ensure the quality of our products. In 1984, we set up a quality control department with a modernized laboratory, and commissioned a new sand washing plant.


In 1986 he built a factory to manufacture re-constituted stone.


In 1992, a fully-automated block and paving plant, followed by a precast slab and T-Beam factory were commissioned at our Eker site. In 1994, Al Manaratain ready-mix concrete and pre-cast flooring systems were introduced to the market, thereby completing the ‘In-house’ product range.


In 2002 January, the company obtained an ISO 9001: 2000 certification – a globally recognized quality system for the production of concrete blocks, interlocking paving, reconstituted stone, pre-cast concrete, ready-mix concrete, washed sand, and crusher products.


In the last 5 years, the company has expanded the production capacity by introducing new plants for pavers, blocks, hollow core precast, ready-mix, washed sand, crushing and screening. Also, infrastructural improvements include a chiller and an ice plant, a water-settling plant, a filter-press plant, block cranes, mobile cranes, pumps, transit mixers, and more.


In 2010, the company expanded operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, establishing a manufacturing unit in Dammam (2nd best Industrial Area); with modern machines for concrete blocks and pavers, kerb stones, hydraulic press, shot blast and artificial stones.


In 2011, we introduced light gauge steel structures for a smart building system from FrameCAD, New Zealand, which is a fast, reliable, highly reputable, high quality and profitable construction option.


As of today, the company has developed dynamically under the leadership of Mr. Ali Yousif Hassan as Chairman and Mr. Maisan Ali Al Khamiri as Managing Director. Al Manaratain has transformed as a dynamic, forward-looking company, open to developing in all areas of the concrete industry.