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2021 is just around the corner, and Al Manaratain has some new and exciting things planned for the year ahead. The first of many exciting announcements to make is that Al Manaratain is planning to introduce recycled glass aggregate as part of our services. This step has been taken in an effort to make Al Manaratian a more environmentally friendly company. So far, we have introduced a few new measures to ensure that we are trying to meet this goal, the first being crushed recycled concrete. With a worldwide restriction on depositing concrete rubble in landfills due to ongoing environmental concerns, the construction industry has looked to find ways of reusing leftover concrete to our benefit and crushed recycled concrete is just one way we have come up with. Crushed recycled concrete benefits include being: cost-effective, more environmentally friendly and reducing time and workload on the construction site.

Today we will discuss recycled glass aggregates and the benefits of using glass aggregate in construction…

What Is Recycled Glass Aggregate?

Each and every year tons of tons of used glass amounts, mainly consisting of the three main types of glass that we see in households: flat glass, hollow glass, and wool and glass yarn. Some of this glass is recycled to create more glass, which is brilliant – however, there is still a large majority of glass left over. What will we do with this glass you may ask? Well, a new and one of the newer methods of reusing glass is to create recycled glass aggregate that can be used in construction. Glass aggregate is simply made by incorporating glass into a traditional concrete mix, crushed recycled glass can be used as a complete fine aggregate replacement in concrete which can be created by recycled glass aggregate suppliers. In the construction sector, recycled glass is used in concrete glass asphalt, back-fill, substrate, tiles, masonry blocks, flooring and other decorative purposes.

Benefits Of Recycled Glass Aggregate In Construction

There are lots of benefits to recycled glass aggregate being used in construction, here are some to think about when looking into a construction project:

  • Cost-effective – less use of natural aggregates resulting in minimal cost of quarrying, less invasiveness of the extraction in the quarries, an extension of the useful life of the quarry, less use of non-renewable natural resources.
  • Environmentally friendly – Recycle that part of the glass that would otherwise end up in landfills and thus greater eco-sustainability throughout the production cycle.
  • Add more value to your project – More architectural value of mortars/concretes since the visible coloured glass particles will produce a pleasing visual effect on the surfaces where the mortar is applied.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – These mortars/concretes, due to their esthetical properties, can satisfy not only traditional properties but also decorative functions for fair-faced concrete finishes, both in external and indoor applications.
  • Weather-resistant – Recycled glass aggregate is potentially able to improve resistance to freeze-thaw attack, drying shrinkage and abrasion of concretes, thanks to the low porosity and water absorption capacity. Waste glass can also improve the resistance to high temperatures.

Are you interested in what more Al Manaratian has to come up in 2021? You can keep up to date on our latest news and announcements here.