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close up of steel frame construction

When you’re looking to erect a structure that’s modular, sturdy, and economically efficient, choosing to use Al Manaratain light gauge steel construction to construct prefab steel buildings is a practical and affordable choice. Read below to find out exactly how light gauge steel construction will be of benefit to you in 5 crucial ways.

Simple and quick to assemble

One of the primary advantages to using pre-fabricated steel buildings and steel frame extensions is the speed and ease in which they can be constructed. Al Manaratain’s light gauge steel construction frames are manufactured from high-quality steel coils with incredible precision, so it’s rare that any on site welding or adjustments will be required. They’re also very lightweight and as they’re prepared for you, they’re relatively easy to put together, which could save money on construction costs.

Remodelling is both cheaper and easier

Our prefab steel buildings are much easier to remodel and expand than a timber-framed one, thanks to the adaptive and modular design of our light gauge steel frames. Expanding a building is as simple as ordering more frames and adjoining them to your original building after disassembling one of your end walls. You can even choose to completely disassemble your construction and relocate it somewhere entirely different or even sell on the steel scrap if you have no more use for it. The modularity of our prefab steel buildings is one of the many benefits of working with LGS, so don’t hesitate to start your construction project using Al Manaratain’s light gauge steel construction frames.

Numerous Customisation Options

Prefab steel buildings also provide a lot more opportunity for the client to achieve their dream design. The nature of steel as being very lightweight, makes it easy to handle and work with, providing plenty of customisation options. Intricate designs can be manufactured using innovative machinery at the plant before being transported to the site. This provides much more flexibility for the client to choose from in terms of texture, colour and shape. As a result of this versatility, LGS construction has been used in a range of projects from roof extensions to commercial buildings, to portable cabins. 

A Sustainable Choice For The Planet

There are many advantages of light gauge steel construction in comparison to wood construction. One of the main benefits of choosing prefab steel buildings is that they are a sustainable option for the environment. Steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet, and once built, steel constructions are highly energy efficient, further helping to have a positive impact on the environment. These properties combined with reduced machinery and wastage on-site, makes prefab steel buildings a sustainable construction choice.

Fire resistant and non-combustible

The outbreak of fire can be devastating to any building, but fortunately the non-combustible properties of steel mean that the sources of fuel available to the blaze is significantly reduced. This can buy you crucial time to evacuate the premises and keep fires located to one place for a long time. The light gauge steel construction frame is also resistant to high winds and earthquakes.

If you’re at any risk of fire or other disasters breaking out in your structure, be it industrial or residential, then our prefab steel buildings are perfect for protecting you and your possessions for as long as possible in the event of an emergency. 

Far more robust and resilient than timber

Where timber is flawed in many critical areas including pest control, moisture issues and longevity, steel is beholden to none of these issues. When you use LGS, you’re working with a material that is wholly pest resistant which is especially important when considering the damage that termites or carpenter ants can do to a building. Steel also does not hold moisture in the same way as timber, and therefore is highly resistant to mould and mildew. While mould will quickly ruin a timber structure, especially in a hot and humid area such as Bahrain, our prefab steel buildings are ideal in these conditions and as they are not organic, they will not support mould on their surfaces. Furthermore, steel will not crack or splinter as timber will over time, giving it a much greater lifespan over its wooden counterpart.

Big savings on insurance & maintenance costs

Light gauge steel has many benefits in terms of keeping energy and maintenance costs low. Unlike timber, the properties of steel make it rodent and termite resistant which waives the cost of repairs from pest damage, and thanks to how light it is, it is much less demanding on foundations which reduces the likelihood of expensive repairs down the road. In fact, Light gauge steel is so resilient to damage from weather, pests and mould that many insurance companies will offer a significant discount for buildings constructed with commercial-grade steel framing.

All in all, Al Manaratain’s prefab steel buildings are immensely convenient and durable – ideal for any of your construction project needs. If that sounds great to you then don’t hesitate to request a quote or get in contact with our team for more information.