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large steel construction frame

The use of light gauge steel in construction is becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits it has to offer. Aside from being incredibly versatile and cost-effective, it’s also a sustainable choice for the environment. We’ll look more closely at the advantages of steel in construction in just a moment. Before that, let’s take a look at its main characteristics.

What Is Light Gauge Steel Construction?

The use of light gauge steel in construction offers a more advantageous alternative to wood structures. The frames and components are produced and fabricated from structural quality steel coils, and are shaped at ambient temperatures by roll-forming machines. These can be produced with precision in large quantities at high speed. Al Manaratain’s light gauge steel features a galvanised finish and is delivered with fire-proof cement boards on both sides.

What Are The Advantages?

As you can imagine, there are many advantages to using light gauge steel in construction. The main benefits include:

Reduced Construction Time & Labour Costs

One of the major benefits of using light gauge steel in construction is that it’s very quick to construct. Aside from the steel itself being quick to produce, it’s also quick to construct on site. This is thanks to the material being lightweight, and therefore easier to carry around the site, without the use of excess machinery. In addition to this, it doesn’t require any on site cutting or welding. Another benefit that comes with this, is that it reduces the amount of labour required on site. Using light gauge steel in construction can drastically reduce contract duration, and this, alongside reduced labour requirements, helps to reduce costs.

Flexible Design Opportunities

Just because light gauge steel is quick and easy to construct, that doesn’t mean it can’t provide bespoke requirements, all completed to the highest quality of course. Any type of finishes are readily available, providing versatility for various project requirements. The nature of this material as being incredibly lightweight makes it adaptable and easy to work with in this way. As a result, you’ll see it used in a whole range of different builds, from interior and exterior walls to cladding panels and roof extensions. Pre fabricated steel buildings can be constructed in the factory which can then quickly be assembled on site.

Thermal Efficiency

When building in a hot and humid climate like Bahrain, thermal efficiency is a really important factor to consider when choosing your construction materials. One of the main advantages of using light gauge steel in construction is its thermal efficiency. Light steel has a low U-Value, making it a highly effective insulator. The high levels of insulation, combined with its low thermal mass, prevents buildings from overheating. This is because the structure does not easily transfer heat from the outside air to the inside of the building. As a result, it helps to keep buildings cool and a lot more comfortable for occupants.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s becoming increasingly important to consider the impact that building processes are having on the environment. That’s another reason that the use of light gauge steel in construction is so beneficial. Steel is one of the world’s most recycled products, and the reduced labour requirements on site help to reduce the CO2 emissions created in the building process. The building process is clean and efficient, with less wastage. In addition to this, the constructions themselves are highly energy efficient, as we mentioned just a second ago in regards to thermal efficiency.

Very Safe

Although construction is speedy, safety is by no means compromised. Steel frames have a high level of fire resistance, as well as providing stability in high winds and during seismic occurrences. Al Manaratain steel frames are always assembled under strict quality control conditions, with only quality certified materials being used. In addition to this, all components and parts of course comply with rational design requirements as per BS / ASTM Standards. This means you can be confident in the high safety standards of using light gauge steel in construction.

If you would like to use the benefits of light gauge steel in your own construction project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.