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Light gauge metal framing

Light gauge steel is a sustainable building material that improves the speed of construction, offers lower building costs, provides versatile design solutions and produces less waste. To summarise, it’s an innovative building material that’s greatly improving processes for the future of construction. Our light gauge steel frames and components are made using quality steel coils that are shaped at ambient temperatures using roll-forming machines. It is quick to produce light gauge steel in large quantities without jeopardising quality and precision. It’s also unusual for light gauge steel construction to require on-site welding or cutting, making the construction process quick, simple, and more cost-effective considering that less labour is required. 

There are many advantages to choosing light gauge steel construction, but what applications does it have? Light gauge steel construction can be used to make a versatile range of structures. Using our specialist CAD design and engineering software, our light gauge steel construction can be applied to a variety of different structures. These include:

Internal Drywall Framing

Internal drywalls are essential steel constructions used in a huge variety of building structures. Using light gauge steel construction to build internal drywall framing not only saves money, but also allows construction to be more precise. This allows it to cater to a versatile range of designs and produce a steel construction that is in line with the client’s exact requirements. 

Roof Extensions

Whether a roof extension is required for a private project such as extending a house, or is required for a commercial project, you can rely on light gauge steel construction to get the job done. All roof joists from Al Manaratain will be manufactured from high tensile galvanized steel profiles, under strict quality control monitoring

Portable Cabins

Portable cabins are essential for a wide range of uses, from providing a temporary office on building sites to providing extra storage space for businesses. Choosing a portable cabin made from light gauge steel construction is a cost-effective choice that’s also beneficial to the environment. 

Institutional Buildings

We rely on institutional buildings for key services including healthcare, education and recreation. That’s why it’s essential that construction is of the highest quality. Environmentally sensitive and highly efficient, light gauge steel construction is a model material for constructing institutional buildings across the country. 

Residential & Commercial Buildings

Not only does light gauge steel construction enable residential and commercial buildings to be constructed efficiently and cost-effectively, it also creates a standout finished product. The exceptional properties that belong to light gauge steel construction, such as enhanced thermal efficiency, ensure a pleasant environment is also created inside the building, whilst protecting the integrity of the structure.

Lightweight Roofs

Lightweight steel construction roofing is quicker to install at a lower price, but with the same reliability and high quality finish. That’s why our light gauge steel construction is relied upon to create outstanding lightweight roofing in a variety of civil and commercial construction projects. 

For further information on our light gauge steel construction and its applications, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.