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Before we go into the detail of why you should use Al Manaratain light gauge steel construction (LGSC), let’s first briefly go over what a light gauge steel frame construction is and why you might use steel in construction.

Al Manaratain Light Gauge Steel construction frames and components are produced and fabricated from structural quality steel coils and are shaped at ambient temperatures by roll-forming machines. They can be produced in large quantities and at high speed with consistent quality and precision.

Using steel in construction is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its sustainable material, combined with the modern methods used to build the steel frame construction this significantly dominoes into many other benefits to the construction industry when using this material.

Quick to construct

There are many advantages to using Al Manaratain light gauge steel construction, with one of the main advantages being the speed it takes to erect the construction, thanks to the lightweight material being easier to carry around the site, in turn, this will make it easier for you to construct as you will not require the need of heavy lifting machinery.
With Al Manaratain’s light gauge steel construction, it is not often required to carry out any on-site welding or cutting, which in turn means that the labour time is reduced as the erection process is easy and fast.

If you’re struggling to meet the deadlines of your projects, as a result of the time taken to construct buildings because of the materials used, why not take advantage of the benefits that Al Manratain light gauge steel construction has to offer.

Low maintenance

Not only is it quick to construct a steel frame construction, but once you have constructed Al Manaratain light gauge steel construction, there is hardly any further time required to maintain the quality of these structures. The reason for this is because steel has an extremely long lifespan in comparison to timber, which can often crack, splinter, swell and be affected by termites.


Building your project with Al Manaratain light gauge steel construction means that not only can you build faster but we can also assure you that your project will be more sustainable and eco friendly to that of a timber frame structure. Timber frames can take around 40 – 50 mature trees to construct an average-size house, steel is 100% recyclable and is the world’s most recycled material, so by using Al Manaratain’s light gauge steel construction you will be doing your bit to help the planet.


For buildings constructed with Al Manaratain light gauge steel construction, you can be assured a high level of safety as the steel in construction is fire resistant and non-combustible. If there happens to be a fire, having a steel frame construction can significantly reduce the fuel to the fire, potentially buying you more time to evacuate. So why wouldn’t you choose a light gauge steel frame construction for your building projects? Not only can it provide good protection against fire, but it can also perform well in natural disasters such as an earthquake as a result of its lightweight and design for high winds and seismic occurrences.

If you haven’t used steel in construction before and would like to see your return on investment quicker than your previous building projects, invest in Al Manaratain light gauge steel construction and request a quote today or get in contact with our team for more information.