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In modern construction, light gauge steel is becoming a more popular choice over materials such as concrete, brick and wood. Whether it is the reduction in overhead costs or the ease of installation, it is easy to see why it is preferred over some of the more traditional building materials and methods. Al Manaratain has recently introduced light gauge steel construction to Bahrain and here are 5 benefits that should convince you to choose this new and exciting material for your future construction projects:

Easy & Fast To Install

It can be daunting to test a new material out on a project, especially if you are accustomed to a particular method of working. However, light gauge steel construction (LGSC) requires minimal specialist skills, thanks to the precision at the manufacturing level. This means that when the light gauge steel is delivered to site it is generally ready to go without the need for modifying, making the assembly process easier and quicker.

Flexible & Versatile

A great benefit of light gauge steel construction is that it can be fully customised to suit any project. Each piece is made to order with accuracy down to the millimetre, which also helps reduce material wastage on-site. By using light gauge steel, you are also opening up more design possibilities thanks to the high strength to weight ratio. if you were to apply similar designs with alternative materials, the cost and labour would be significantly higher. To find out more about how Al Manaratain manufactures and applies LGSC, read our introductory article.  


The fact that LGSC is faster, easier and more precise than other materials and methods are some of the reasons that make it a better financial choice for your project. It is lightweight and easy to transport, with little-to-no adjustments needed when on-site. It does not experience the same price fluctuations as wood, for example, as it does not suffer from shortage issues. Add in the mix that it is impervious to certain damages, LGSC is ideal for reducing both labour and material costs, both initially and in the long run.

Safe & Resistant

You need to be secure in the knowledge that the materials you are using for your project will perform and stand the test of time. Light gauge steel construction offers protection against rot, mould, corrosion and decay. Another important factor is its non-combustible nature. This means that it does not contribute to fire and doesn’t combust, and has an incredibly high melting point. In hot and humid areas such as Bahrain, steel is a safer material to work with as it will not swell, warp or shrink.

Environmentally Friendly

An increasingly important factor to consider in modern day construction is the environmental impact of both the materials used and the end result. Thankfully, light gauge steel is a great choice for reducing your environmental impact. As previously stated, there is little material waste due to the precision manufacture of the pieces. Not only this, but steel is completely recyclable, and in fact, it is often made up of recycled steel in the first instance.

If you wish to find out more about how light gauge steel construction can benefit your construction project, please leave us a message or contact our sales team directly on 36055330 for Mr Jaffar Than or 36055320 for Mr Philjy Varghese (Bahrain Country Code +00973)