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With generations of manufacturing the finest concrete products behind it, Al Manaratain is proud to be a member of the Concrete Society. Membership comes with a number of benefits and opportunities, as it provides access to a large network of academics and professionals as well as a wealth of knowledge and resources. This includes access to the Concrete Society’s Advisory Service which is permanently staffed by qualified engineers and technologists, making it quick and easy for us to seek consultations and problem-solve. In effect, Al Manaratain benefits from a deep well of knowledge in the concrete world through communications, on-site visits, independent reviews, technical presentations, in-house lectures, and concrete advice sheets.

Assistance is provided to navigate the Concrete Society’s comprehensive library which is run by information specialists so that anyone can search through this catalogue of over 145,000 indexed publications known as the “Concrete Vault”. Training and education are also available through CPD-accredited technical presentations. These range in focus, from things such as concreting in cold weather to concrete structural design for non-engineers.

Anyone is able to add relevant events to the society’s events calendar, which also includes their technical programme, regional activity and non-society seminars and conferences. These events also become listed in the weekly email newsletter to members and in CONCRETE magazine. This is a magazine available to all and complimentary to members, who will receive 10 monthly issues each year.

What Is the Concrete Society?

Originally formed as a non-profit making company in 1966, the Concrete Society has long been established as a member-based body with no affiliations to trade or corporations. This independence leads to a greater ability to provide the most accurate and practical information and advice to its members, which is core to the aims of the Concrete Society. It brings together people in academia, construction, design, and more in its aim to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience across all disciplines.

The first formal report, released a year and a half after the society’s incorporation addresses the conditions on which the society was started: “There was a need for a single organisation embracing the interests of all those concerned with concrete… the rapid growth in membership has been solid proof of that”. By becoming a central and impartial entity in an industry serving many disparate professions and needs, the Concrete Society empowers its members in a way not possible without it.  

Al Manaratain Concrete Products

Al Manaratain has much to offer amongst its extensive range of building materials. These cater to many potential applications, including all building work comprised of residential, commercial, industrial and prestigious building projects.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks can take many forms, a number of which are made available by Al Manaratain. These include simpler designs like Hollow and Light Weight blocks to the more specifically designed Insulated Block and Decorative Split Block.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers provide the choice of different patterns to decorate any patio or pavement. Some attractive examples include the 3D Paving Block and Cobblestone. There are also commonly used and simple choices such as the Uni Paving Block and Rectangular Paving.

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete is incredibly versatile and can be used to meet the unique demands of many different building projects. Ready Mix Concrete comes in several forms, including Polypropylene Fibre, FPA, Waterproof and Lean mixes. The production is held up to high controls and standards for assured quality.

Pre-Cast Slabs

Pre-Cast Slabs come with a hollow core, making them 50% lighter than usual and can be manufactured at different thicknesses and lengths. These ultimately save construction time and thus overall project costs as they can reduce the necessary sizes of building foundations, thanks to the light structural frames they accommodate.