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2021 interior design trends are set to be minimalistic and luxurious amongst homes in Bahrain. 2021 will be the year to transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary where you can reside at the end of the day and not feel bombarded by small interior design touches that add no value to your day-to-day life. Here is Al Manaratain’s guide on how you can achieve these interior design goals.

Minimise Your Furniture

As you already know, 2021 interior design trends amongst homes in Bahrain is all based upon minimising what you have. Why not use the time we have left in 2020 up until 2021 to start to clear out your home, in time of a fresh start for the new year? You could start to determine furniture pieces that have the most sentimental value to you and also ones that you feel have the best storage available for your belongings, that you believe should be kept. With all of the remaining furniture, you can give these to a member of your family, donate them to charity or even upcycle the items you have and sell them on.

However, if you are on the hunt for new furniture pieces, we would recommend that you hunt for items that may double up as being practical and also beautiful. Perhaps a simple coffee table with drawers that you could store bits and bobs? A pouffe that can be used to store items inside of it – whilst also pairing up as additional seating and added comfort when you are looking to relax.

Incorporate Timeless Interior Design Pieces

Al Manaratain understands that your home does not have to be updated every year a new trend comes onto the scene. That is why we would strongly recommend incorporating timeless interior design pieces into your home in 2021. Polished concrete floors, for example, are perfect for this. Concrete floors within houses in Bahrain provide a whole host of possibilities when it comes to both style and practicality. Ready-mix concrete was introduced by Al Manaratian in 1994, but now our Ready-Mix division has three fully computerized concrete batching plants with enough transit mixers and concrete pumps in different lengths to meet our customers’ requirement, meaning that we can mix concrete to the exact requirements you need.

The huge benefit of concrete floors is that they can be tailored to suit your personal style, making concrete floors extremely versatile. Each order of ready mix concrete is different and specifically tailored to suit every one of our customer requirements based on their personal taste. The use of ready mix concrete delivered to your site simply assures that your concrete mix is of only the best professional quality. They are also extremely low maintenance and cost-effective.

Another timeless interior design tip we have is to avoid painting walls any garish colours that are quick to become dated. Instead, we’d recommend painting your walls a softer colour and incorporate pops of colours through furniture or other accessories.

Tone Down The Soft Furnishings

Toning down the amount of soft furnishings you have on display in 2021 will allow your home to feel more luxurious and spacious, instead opt for a few cushions and soft furnishings that complement the decoration of the room. Selective cushions and throws are a fabulous way of adding an element of colour to the room, and when placed correctly can add the perfect ambience.