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Concrete floors are commonly seen in houses all around the world, and in our eyes is a timeless interior design trend. Concrete floors in houses provide a whole host of possibilities when it comes to both style and practicality. Ready-mix concrete was first brought into Al Manaratian in 1994, now the Ready-Mix division has three fully computerized concrete batching plants with enough transit mixers and concrete pumps in different lengths to meet our customers’ requirement, meaning that we can mix concrete to the exact requirements you need. The production is properly monitored and controlled to comply with the international standards and ministry specifications in respect of quality and quantity. Our internal quality control department follows strict quality assurance and quality control systems.


Ready-mix concrete creates beautifully bespoke concrete floors, and all for a reasonable price. This is due to the ready mix concrete being made specifically for you, meaning there is little to no wastage (making it more environmentally friendly). Concrete floors made from ready mix concrete are also cost-effective as they save time on the application. If you are in the renovation process you will know that time means money!

A sealed and properly maintained concrete floor can last indefinitely. Even in commercial applications, concrete can survive under high-traffic conditions for many decades. Over the long run, this can save you a considerable amount of money and effort over replacing flooring every few years.

Maintenance & Repair

Properly laid and maintained concrete floors can last for many many decades, however, the correct care and maintenance is key if you would like your lovely concrete floors to stand the test of time.

  • Clean your polished concrete floors – As you would with any other type of flooring in your home, you should frequently sweep. Your floor can be maintained with a traditional sweeper brush or vacuum.
  • Reseal joints – To minimise water intrusion through the joints, eliminate dirt collecting in the joints you should be sure to reseal joints. To seal your concrete floor, pour a small amount of concrete sealer into a painting tray and apply the sealer evenly to your floors using a paint roller. Use a paintbrush to seal around the edges of the room. Always work from the furthest area of the room toward the exit so that you don’t box yourself in!
  • Polished concrete – Heavy-duty machines are used to gradually grind down a concrete surface to the desired degree of shine and smoothness, similar to sanding wood. Polished concrete floors create beautiful shiny floors, whilst also making them more durable, as after a polish your floors are not as vulnerable to damage and are less likely to need replacing

Tailored To Personal Style

Your concrete floors can be tailored to suit your personal style, making concrete floors extremely versatile. Each order of ready mix concrete is different and specifically tailored to suit every one of our customer requirements based on their personal taste. The use of ready mix concrete delivered to your site simply assures that your concrete mix is of only the best professional quality. At Al Manaratian as well as the most common compressive strengths, we also supply concrete as per specific requirements of the customer. This includes; Polypropylene Fiber, FPA, Waterproof and Lean mixes.

As interior design trends change throughout the years, concrete floors traditionally stay up keeping with the times. You can incorporate your style further into your floors through adding a rug to tie together the room, or if you are more of a minimalist – your floors can look just as beautiful on their own as its own masterpiece.