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Polished concrete floors in houses are a beautiful and timeless interior design trend. Not are they simple, yet a statement piece concrete floors can be tailored to suit your personal style, making concrete floors extremely versatile. Each order of ready mix concrete is different and specifically tailored to suit every one of our customer requirements based on their personal taste. The use of ready mix concrete delivered to your site simply assures that your concrete mix is of only the best professional quality. This is all thanks to our quality control department.

Concrete floors in houses can last many many decades, with the correct tender love and care. That is why the maintenance with polished concrete floors are crucial in keeping them looking their best. Here are Al Manartain’s top tips on having well kept concrete floors.

Day-To-Day Care Of Polished Concret Floors

The day-to-day care of concrete floors in houses is like most regular flooring options, a simple sweep and mop does the job to keep your floors clean. However, it should be noted that when choosing a mop to clean your floors, we would recommend a non-abrasive one to ensure that your floors do not get scratched and they stay looking beautiful. If you would like your polished concrete floors to have an extra sparkle, a great way of achieving this without damaging them is to go back on after you have mopped with a dry cloth or towel to buff up the floors.

Another top tip for day-to-day care for concrete floors is to ensure that when there are spillages, they are cleaned up as soon as possible. This is so that the liquids do not get absorbed into the surface and begin to damage the concrete. Finally, we’d recommend that any cleaning products used on your floors are not left to dry there. This is suggested to once again protect the surface and not to damage the concrete.

Using mats to cover heavily exposed areas is a fabulous way of preserving your floors and keeping them in excellent condition. For example: placing a mat on the floor by the front door for an area for people to clean their shoes. You could also perhaps place larger mats in the main living areas of your home: living room, bedroom and dining room.

How To Properly Polish Your Concrete Floors

Depending on your lifestyle, you will need your floors polished at different times. But on average, you will only need to polish your floors every few years. At this point, we would recommend professionals to come into your home and polish your concrete floors. The advantage of using professionals to polish your floors is that they are well equipped and do the job every day. This puts your floors in better stead than if you have never attempted this before.

Other Things To Be Aware Of…

So far, we have given you a way to maintain concrete floors in houses – but you should also be aware of culprits that are commonly known to damage polished concrete floors. The top five are:

  1. Tape adhesives
  2. Spilt paint
  3. Drywall Mix
  4. Grease and oil
  5. Water and moisture