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Sun circle concrete paving slab

Al Manaratain artificial stone is accepted as the economic and environmental alternative to natural stone. All stone products combine the look and feel of traditional stone with the high performance, long life, low maintenance qualities of modern materials. The benefits of using artificial stone compared to natural stone are much greater. For example:

  • Aesthetically Versatile – artificial stone, made from precast concrete can take nearly any shape or size, be manufactured in virtually any colour and comes in a wide variety of finishes. With precast, you are limited only by your imagination.
  • Reduced Costs – Cast concrete products (artificial stone) are manufactured off-site, under roof and are delivered ready to install when needed. This innovative process compresses project schedules, reduces safety concerns, reduces site disruption and reduces overall project costs by requiring fewer trades for construction and fewer people on site.
  • Environment Resistant – Cast concrete structures provide superior resistance to fires, natural disasters, insects and mold. Like no other building material, its resistance to rain, wind damage, earthquakes, termites and decay provides lower maintenance and costs. It can also withstand many winters of freeze-thaw cycles better than other building materials.
  • Low Maintenance – The exterior of a cast concrete structure can be left unpainted without damage from the elements. If painting is desired, repainting is needed only every five to ten years.

Artificial Stone Ranges At Al Manaratain
Each range of our Al Manaratain artificial stone is carefully designed to make detailing and construction as simple and straightforward as possible. We offer a number of different artificial stone ranges, but all generally fall into one of three categories; artificial stone walling, artificial paving slabs, and artificial stone edging (also known as artificial stone siding).
Below, you will see which Al Manaratain artificial stone products fall under these categories:

Artificial Paving Stone

  • Riven Paving
  • Corinium Paving
  • Fellside paving
  • Hexagonal Paving
  • Old Town Paving
  • Sun Circle
  • Log Sleepers
  • Stepping Stone

Artificial Stone Edging

  • Stone Edging
  • Brick Edging
  • Chamfered Brick Edging
  • Tiles on Edge
  • Rope Top Edging

Artificial Stone Walling

  • Hadrian Wall
  • Cots Wall
  • Artificial Wall Tiles*

Please note that the first two are wall blocks and can be used similarly to bricks to build walls. The face of the block is similar to natural stone. So, when the wall is built, it will look like a wall built from natural stone. That said, you also have ‘Wall Tiles’. These are slightly different as they come in different sizes and can be laid in different patterns. These tiles are decorative and do not make up the wall by themselves. Instead, they’re stuck on top of your standard masonry block wall.

Artificial Stone Walling has two attractive rough textured stone faces instead of one. You can easily build a double-sided wall with a single block. It works equally well either with concealed mortar for a dry-stone look or fully pointed. A matching copying is available to provide the finishing touch to walls, this process is called Madoc walling. Madoc walling is a single block of slate profile walling that gives the effect of separate slate pieces laid together. Unique Z-shaped blocks make it easy to build walls and edging as the pieces slot together easily, whilst giving off the same effect as if the stone were laid separately.

Artificial Stone Edging has the appearance of natural stones set on edge and mortared into place, but as each straight section contains nine ‘stones’ and the corner piece is ready-made, it’s by no means as tricky as it looks. Sunk into a shallow trough in the soil or laid directly on any good level surface it makes a charming rustic border to pathways, gravel drives or flower beds. It recreates perfectly the traditional look of a craftsman-built dry stone wall.

How is Al Manaratain Artificial Stone Made?

Our artificial stones are created so that they can save time and money on the site. This sets us apart from other construction companies in Bahrain. All of our artificial stones are pre-made with cast concrete and are available in a range of different sizes to suit any projects. the cast concrete is a mix of RAK Aggregates of different sizes, Sand, Cement and pigment in suitable mix designs for each product. The casting is done on Polyurethane Rubber Mold or on ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic Molds.

Al Manaratain is a huge advocate of creating high-quality products and delivering excellent customer service. That is why we have a dedicated quality control department, to ensure that all of our products are at the best standard that they can be. Our laboratory technicians are continuously checking and monitoring the quality of the raw materials, finished products, and the production process.