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There are many reputable construction companies in Bahrain, however, here at Al Manaratain we are different in many ways. From our fine quality products all the way through to our company ethos and history to name just a few.

Where It All Began & Where We Are Now…

Al Manaratain’s history goes way back since 1959 when the company was established by Mr Ali Yousif Hassan as a small manual block factory and crusher plant. In 50+ years we have grown to become the leaders in concrete products manufacturing; covering the entire range of products with our factory and operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Throughout the years, we have expanded on the foundations of our business focusing on our people and our products so that they are continuously best on the market. Now in 2020 – to expand our concrete block, ready-mix concrete, and sand washing production capacity, Al Manaratain invested in a significant extension to our building material manufacturing facility in Hidd. This expansion will see the production capacity of Al Manaratain concrete blocks increase by 100%, Al Manaratain ready-mix concrete production capacity rise by 40%, and Al Manaratain sand washing output grow by 65%. Al Manaratain’s property portfolio has grown to include over 100 commercial and domestic properties.

Al Manaratain Concrete Products

Another major way Al Manaratain is differentiated from other construction companies in Bahrain is through our products. Al Manaratain offers an extensive and comprehensive range of innovative and high-quality construction products for all building work that comprises residential, commercial, industrial, and prestigious building projects in both the public and the private sector. From concrete blocks to crushed products, Al Manaratain manufactures a complete line of construction products & building materials to meet the needs of any project.

We have dozens of high-quality concrete products available including:

  • Concrete blocks – We produce a variety of concrete blocks in different compressive strength, sizes, and finishes at our automated plants. These are seen at three locations, which comply with the international and ministry standards.
  • Concrete pavers – We have been the leading manufacturer of concrete paving products in Bahrain since 1957, with a wide range of shapes, thickness, and colours to make your surroundings colourful & attractive. Our concrete pavers are manufactured and tested according to the British Standards and Ministry specifications.
  • Artificial stone – All artificial stone products combine the look and feel of traditional stone with the high performance, long life, low maintenance qualities of modern materials. Each range is carefully designed to make detailing and construction as simple and straightforward as possible. That saves time and money on the site.
  • Ready-mix concrete – Our Ready-Mix concrete division has two fully computerized concrete batching plants with enough transit mixers and concrete pumps in different lengths to meet our customers’ requirements.
  • Precast slab – Hollow core slabs are pre-stressed concrete elements, cast with advanced extrusion technique. Cores are made in the thickness running along the length with advanced machinery.
  • Crusher products – Al Manaratain started offering crushed concrete products in 1959. Initially, our crusher plant was located in Tashan, but it was relocated to Hafera in 1980. Ours is one of the oldest and most established crusher facilities in Bahrain and we added the EXTEC crusher plant in 2003 to increase our production capacity.
  • Washed sands – With sand washing facilities at both our Tashan and Eker sites, Al Manaratain started offering higher-quality double-washed sand in 1984. We have the capability of producing up to 150,000 US Gallons of purified water per day for use in all our sand and aggregate washing operations and concrete production.
  • Light-Gauge Steel – The future of construction lies in sustainable materials that are delivered using fast modern methods. Light Gauge Steel can result in faster build times, lower costs, versatile design solutions and a durable, practical solution to premium buildings.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Control

At Al Manaratain, our dedicated quality control laboratories are continuously checking and monitoring the quality of the raw materials, finished products, and the production process. We have separate laboratories at all our factories with a dedicated team. This ensures that any product that leaves our site is of the highest quality – something which we feel gives us a major advantage over other construction companies in Bahrain.

We are also ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Companies all over the world use this standard to demonstrate they are able to work according to the regulations within both of their services and products. ISO 9001 is an assessment of your Quality Management System regarding how appropriate and effective it is. You can find out more about what it means to be ISO 9001:2015 certified here.