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Misan Gardens Villa to rent in Bahrain

Building a new home in a hot climate has different requirements to building a home in a cold, or moderate climate. When planning the dream home design, you want to create a property that not only looks good, but provides comfort and refuge from the hot weather. The following house construction ideas are aimed at helping you build the ideal home that caters to the hot climate. Let’s take a look at the top house construction ideas that made it onto the list.

Track the sun

Think about the direction in which the property will be facing, and how the sun will hit it, as this makes a big difference to how cool you can keep certain rooms in the house. You might not be able to avoid the sun hitting the house, however you can create a floor plan that prioritises keeping the likes of bedrooms and living rooms where you spend the most time, the coolest. This is a crucial house construction idea to consider in the early planning stages.

Consider thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is essential for keeping buildings cool in hot climates. It prevents buildings from overheating by reducing the transfer of heat from the outside air to inside the building. This ensures buildings are kept at a safe and comfortable temperature, whilst helping to reduce energy bills by reducing air conditioning costs. Al Manaratain’s insulated blocks benefit from an exceptionally low U-Value that prevents excessive heat absorption. Our lightweight blocks also benefit from superior thermal insulation. 

Focus on ventilation

Another important house construction idea for building in hot climates is to focus on ventilation. You want to create a design that encourages air flow throughout the property, in order to create a healthy and pleasant indoor environment. Open plan floor plans are great for encouraging good airflow. You can also create cross ventilation by installing windows opposite each other. This sucks air in and out either side of the property, creating a cooling effect. 

Choose the right construction materials

Not all construction materials are designed to perform well in hot, humid climates. In these types of climates, it’s important to choose building materials that protect against heat and moisture to prevent the growth of mould and other degradation, and to create a pleasant indoor environment. With over 60 years experience supplying materials to  construction companies in Bahrain, Al Manaratain uses innovative technology to create high performance products that are suited to withstand the challenges of a hot climate. 

Create a chimney effect

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best house construction ideas for hot climates is to create a chimney effect. Hot air rises, and so by creating a chimney effect structure, warm air is expelled through the top of the house. This encourages airflow and means that warm air is constantly replaced with cool air to create a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. 

We hope these top house construction ideas will provide you with all the inspiration you need to design the ideal home that is practically suited for the hot and humid weather, without needing to compromise on style. 

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