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To celebrate Bahrain National Day 2019 and the opening of the new Al Manaratain block factory in Hidd, we are offering discounted rates on several concrete block products

Based in the Salman industrial area on Moharaqu island, our new Block Factory will allow us to reach more of our customers more directly and efficiently, cutting down on the delay between us and our clients. By positioning our factory in Hidd we also have more direct access to raw materials as all of our suppliers are located nearby.

The factory itself has a brand new MASA block making machine capable of producing 3600 Al Manaratian 8inch blocks per hour and a 200 tonne per hour sand washing and water recycling system. Our Hidd factory also comes equipped with a brand new, state of the art laboratory to ensure that our quality control procedures are always maintained at the highest standard.

With a globally recognised quality certification and laboratories at each of our factories fully equipped with teams that are trained to check and monitor the quality of the raw materials, finished products, and the production process we are confident in our ability to deliver high-quality, long-lasting materials to our clients.

The opening of our new Hidd factory is another example of Al Manaratain’s dedication to improving on the industry standards and delivering top quality products to our customers while remembering our roots as an independently owned and operated business in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The products included in our National Day offer are our 4” RAK, 6” RAK & 8” RAK Hollow Blocks with each one having a discount of 4,000 BD a saving of up to 15% and all of the prices are per 100 blocks with our paving prices per m². Each of our Hollow Blocks is made from some of the finest aggregates in the world sourced from Ras Al Khaimah giving our blocks a quality and performance that is world-renowned.