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Maisan Gardens Villa for rent in bahrain

Bahrain provides a fantastic future for all residents thanks to the increased quality of living as a result of the completion of many infrastructure and development projects. As well as this, Bahrain was ranked as the top destination for ex-pats to live in 2017, outperforming the likes of the USA, UK, Australia, and other popular destinations for international migrants. If you’re moving to the island and looking for somewhere to live, you’re in the right place as Al Manaratain has a number of flats and villas for rent in Bahrain.

Finding desirable flats and villas for rent in Bahrain can be challenging, but you can find the Al Manaratain properties that are currently available through our sister site, Bahrain Homes. First up if you haven’t chosen which part of Bahrain that you’d like to look for a property for your family to live in yet, take a look at our blog on The 4 Best Places For Expat Families to Rent in Bahrain.

Villas For Rent In Janabiya

The Al Manaratain Janabiyah Villa complex is ideal for ex-pat families that don’t want to live in the city but would like quick and easy access. This Villa complex hosts 14 x 3 bedroom houses, each of which include 2 covered parking spaces. These villas for rent are a great place to live with a family, the property coming with 3 bedrooms as previously mentioned, along with 2 kitchens, 3 full bathrooms, a fourth smaller bathroom and an upstairs balcony which has the ability to be converted into another room if needed.

There is no need to worry about the access to facilities around the property as the Janabiyah villas are based in close distance to many food establishments, supermarkets, shopping malls and gyms. Additionally, based minutes away from the Saudi Causeway, Janabiyah Highway and Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Highway, makes it perfect for those that have work-based in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia.

If you are a rugby fan, the Bahrain Rugby Club is nearby for you to still enjoy the sports fixtures, or if this isn’t your thing why not visit the Virtual Reality Gaming Center to experience some fully immersive games on the latest VR Technology, with something for everybody to enjoy.

Villas For Rent In Saar

If you’re looking to experience the best of Bahrain’s offerings, take a look at our villas for rent in Misan Garden. This selection of villas has so much on offer and is promised to have a place to suit everyone, with a choice out of 5x 4-bed houses, 3x 4-bed bungalows and 12x 3- bedroom bungalows, there is a significant choice of sizes to choose from based on the number of people you need to accommodate. With each and every one of these properties, you can be sure to have designated parking for at least 2 vehicles as well as a servants quarter in each of the gardens.

Within Misan Gardens there are no concerns for the safety and security of the neighbourhood as this is a gated residence manned by gatekeepers 24/7 to ensure the safety and security of residents at all times. If you need assistance in maintaining the presentation of your chosen villa, there are a number of groundskeepers employed to help keep Misan Garden looking on top form and can help and advise on any maintenance issues that you may have.


If you haven’t already noticed from the sizes of the villas, this is a great place to move with a family with another reason being its close proximity to the local schools; St Christopher’s Primary School, The British Preparatory School, and Budaiya Pre-School.

You might be thinking about what is available when my children aren’t at school. Well, there are a number of horse riding schools surrounding the area and of course the outdoor swimming pool, fitness courts and children’s play area all on offer within Misan Garden.

Swimming Pool In Maisan Gardens

Flats For Rent In Manama

We have many flats for rent in the Um Al Hassam area, some of our most popular apartments are within this area and it’s no surprise as this is one of the most established areas in Bahrain.

If you are moving to the area and looking for a flat to rent for yourself or a small family, we have 8 large 2-bed flats available. Much like most of the areas in Bahrain, there are lots to do around you such as visiting the restaurants and cafes in the area to find your new favourite place to eat, or the likes of Adliya, Juffair & Zinj are nearby to visit if you fancy visiting the local shops.

Umm Al Hassam is also home to The British Club, which was voted as the “Best Social Club in the World” in the 2010 UK Telegraphs Best of British awards, and is one fof the oldest and most popular ex-pat clubs in Bahrain, a perfect place for those that have moved from the UK to meet fellow British ex-pats.

If you’re looking for flats for rent in a smaller complex, there are 5 flats available for rent in Salmaniya. These are situated centrally to the capital of Bahrain Manama and are a great location for those that have moved from the likes of Germany, Morocco and Korea with all of these embassies based within a short distance of these flats, should you need to visit the embassies for any reason.

Additionally, living within the capital provides you with so much to do around you, such as visiting the Bahrain National Museum, Manama Souq (bustling bazaar for food, crafts and more), the Al Fateh Grand Mosque, and many more popular sights.

These are just some of the flats and villas for rent we have available in Bahrain, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can help you to find your perfect new home.