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Moving to Bahrain with a young family is a position a lot of foreign professionals finding themselves in. Around half of Bahrain’s population are expats, owing in part to the huge influx of foreign nationals who work in the financial institutions that the country is famous for. The high quantity of foreign workers who have moved to Bahrain to pursue their careers has led to a dramatic increase in the number of high quality, affordable villas and apartments to rent centred around the best districts for schooling and quality of life.

Most expats will not be familiar with Bahrain’s various cities and towns, which will undoubtedly make the prospect of relocating a family out to the island an incredibly daunting one. To help, we’ve put our knowledge of real estate to good use and put together a list of the 4 best places for families to rent in Bahrain.


Misan Gardens Villa to rent in Bahrain

A suburb in western Bahrain, Saar (or ‘Sar’) is one of the most popular areas in Bahrain to raise a family thanks to its elegant and relaxed way of life. Only 10 kilometres from Manama, the Country’s capital, it allows for quick travel to the capital or onto the King Fahad causeway that connects to Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, without giving up the tranquil, lush surroundings that the suburbs have to offer.

Saar is predominantly inhabited by expatriates and ambassadors, who live in gated communities or rented villas. One such community is our own ‘Misan Gardens’, which is made up of 20 large villas, a gym, a pool, a children’s play area, and 2 tennis courts, all taken care of by 24/7 maintenance team. With a number of schools in the area aimed at providing the best education to the children of ambassadors and other foreign nationals, Saar is an ideal location for families with children.

Amwaj Islands

Amwaj Islands

Amwaj Islands is a collection of man-made islands that were designed to be used as a gated community. 10.5 kilometres away from the capital, Manama, the islands are popular with expats who intend to stay for a longer period of time as the apartments and villas are also available to buy as a freehold. With its own marina and leisure areas as well as easy access to the mainland and all it has to offer, Amwaj Islands are an amazing feat of modern technology and a beautiful place to live and rent in Bahrain.


Manama From A Distance

The capital city of Bahrain will always be popular with expats for the obvious reasons, easy access to all areas of Bahrain, great transport links, and countless shops and restaurants nearby, it has something to offer for everyone. Manama really gives a snapshot into life in Bahrain as you can easily move from the hustle and bustle of the city to the industrial areas that have helped shape Al Manaratain as a company and Bahrain as a whole.

Through, Al Manaratain offers a number of apartments to rent in Manama with varying sizes and locations available depending on the requirements of our clients.


Janabiya Villas To Buy In Bahrain

Positioned directly on the King Fahad Causeway, Janabiyah is an up and coming neighbourhood with a great location whether you’re working in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia. With Saar nearby and only 15 minutes travel away from Isa Town, Janabiyah is home to the majority of private schools in Bahrain and is perfectly situated to make the most of what the country has to offer.

Al Manaratain has a number of villas for sale in Janabiyah, some already built and more in development to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. The area is a spectacular location with easy routes to and from a wide variety of activities and schools.

About Al Manaratain & Bahrain Homes

Al Manaratain has a long and storied background in concrete production and has turned towards building and maintaining our own properties. When using our materials for our own projects, we focus on providing villas, flats, and office spaces to rent or buy that meet our impeccable standards. We have buildings available in a number of locations on our sister site, Bahrain Homes, and also run an off-site maintenance team that ready to respond to any queries or problems that our tenants might face at any time.