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If the incredibly versatile and sustainable qualities of light gauge steel as a staple building material haven’t quite caught your eye yet, you may want to pay attention. With constant and ever-evolving advancements in technology and the development of green, sustainable resources and materials, the construction industry is always on the lookout for better quality with a smaller environmental footprint. Al Manaratain is proud to bring the innovative new technology of light gauge steel construction to Bahrain.

The benefits and overall cost-effectiveness associated with light gauge steel construction (LGSC) as an alternative solution to other traditional building materials are worth a good once over when considering your next big project. We’ve put together a few good reasons that LGSC might be an attractive new avenue when planning out your next big construction project.

Light Gauge Steel Construction: Why LGS Might Be Perfect for You

If you’re not already aware of what light gauge steel construction can do, you’re in for a treat! Not only will it save your project on labour and material costs, but its versatility can be put to the test in a variety of applications. Taking into consideration overhead costs, ease of use, reduction in the need for advanced skilled labour, the use of light gauge steel can transform your building projects into masterpieces. Check out some of the best benefits to utilising this new innovative and superior technology in your business:

  • Faster construction time
  • A more rapid return on investment
  • Smaller environmental footprint – manufacturing waste during fabrication is reduced
  • More versatility in construction options
  • Reduced on-site labour costs – A more precise, more efficient manufacturing process means your materials arrive ready to go
  • Design flexibility – Due to the versatility in manufacturing and design, there is less need for adjustments and alterations on site
  • Fast on-site assembly
  • Lighter weight
  • Better utilization of ground space and square footage – LGS and applications in building means a more efficient site map
  • Environmentally sensitive
  • Factory tooling to expedite on-site building and construction processes

The Manufacturing and Application of Light Gauge Steel

Being able to supply construction materials quickly and in an environmentally responsible manner, all the while considering versatility, cost-effectiveness and practicality are just a few of the benefits of LGSC. Al Manaratain utilises sophisticated software that helps complete the legwork upfront so on-site labour is reduced. Light gauge steel frames and components are manufactured utilizing structurally quality steel coils that are shaped at ambient temperatures by roll-forming machines. Once fabricated, they’re ready to go. Panels are mass produced, cutting down on wait time as no welding or cutting on site happens or is necessary before being shipped to sites as needed.

The application of light gauge steel in construction projects is growing. From drywall framing to lightweight roofing, residential and commercial building construction, roof extensions and portable or temporary buildings, LGSC is becoming an incredibly versatile and cost-effective means to framing out building construction projects ranging in all sizes. We hope this versatile new resource in construction technology has found a place in your construction projects. Al Manaratain is excited to see this new technology find a foothold in construction locally and internationally!

For more information on the light gauge steel material or the light gauge steel construction process, please leave us a message or contact our sales team directly on 36055330 for Mr Jaffar Than or 36055320 for Mr Philjy Varghese (Bahrain Country Code +00973)