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What is shot-blasting and how is it used in construction? Is a question heard all the time here at Al Manaratain. Today we are on hand to answer all of your questions on shot-blasting (also known as ‘abrasive blasting’)…

So, what is shot-blasting? The term “shot-blasting” refers to the process of propelling a large number of small steel balls (or any other abrasive product) towards the surface of the floor to crush the surface. Shot-blasting concrete uses wheel blast equipment to propel abrasive substances on surfaces being treated for final finishing. This equipment uses a specially designed and closely controlled wheel to generate centred force and blast abrasives like steel shot and steel grit on products. Whether the top layer is compacted dirt, rust, or an epoxy coating, the shot is able to blast it away, leaving a clean, bare surface.

You are now probably wondering what the purpose of abrasive blasting is. Shot-blasting concrete floors for a number of different factors, for example, if you want to paint a concrete surface or you want to lay down a fresh coat of epoxy or urethane, it needs to be clean and free of old coatings, adhesives, and chemicals. Shot-blasting concrete floors will ensure proper adhesion and extend the life of the coating. Concrete blasting is also great for adding texture to the concrete and forming “peaks and valleys. Not only does this give a great aesthetic, but you’re also increasing the surface area and giving the coating more to “grip” as it cures. At Al Manaratain, we have a range of shot-blasted paving slabs, with a range of different patterns available.

How Is Shot-Blasting Used In Construction?

Shot-blasting is used in construction using the following two techniques. The first technique is called wheel blasting. In this technique, wheel blasting directly converts electric motor energy into kinetic abrasive energy by rotating a turbine wheel. The capacity of each wheel goes from approximately 60 kg per minute up to 1200kg/min. With these large amounts of accelerated abrasive, wheel blast machines are used where big parts or large areas of surface have to be de-rusted, descaled, deburred, desanded or cleaned in some form.

The second technique is called air blasting, in this technology abrasive media is propelled with the help of compressed air pressure. In the blasting chamber, the abrasive blasting pot and the dust collector and abrasive recycling system work together. From shovelling to sweeping the abrasive back into the blast pot to full reclaim floors that convey the abrasive in order to clean the surface.

Shot-blasting, whichever the technique used, allows for the following benefits:

  • It can assist in achieving a smooth and matte surface
  • Shot-blasting can allow for better longevity and durability of a surface coated metal part
  • It can be used to remove rust from steel surfaces
  • Shot-blasting can assist in preparation for forming a permanent bond between the protective coat and the shot-blasted surface
  • Shot-blasting can also be used to highlight faults and defects on metal surface

If you would like any more information on shot blasting or our shat blasted products, please contact a member of our team today.