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close up view of a cluster of skyscrapers against blue sky

There are many different types of construction that exist. One of the most common types that you’re likely to have heard of is commercial construction. This involves the designing, renovating and building of commercial structures, such as offices, hotels or factories. Generally speaking, business owners will commission a contractor for a project, however in some cases the project will be commissioned by the local or national government. Some commercial construction projects may involve building a structure from scratch, or modifying, repairing or improving an existing structure.

There are three main types of commercial construction projects. These are:


Small-scale commercial construction projects are lower in budget and require a lower number of labour personnel, equipment and materials. They are also quicker to complete. Small-scale commercial construction will include the likes of redesigning office space, adding extensions to structures or making repairs. Generally speaking, small-scale commercial construction involves modifying existing structures rather than building something from scratch.


Medium-scale commercial construction projects also involve modifying existing buildings, however they are usually larger or much more complex upgrades than small-scale projects. This includes more time-consuming renovations such as remodelling or extensions, and will often involve updating older buildings that have begun to lose their quality over time.


Large-scale commercial construction projects are those that start from scratch. This is a long process that requires a bigger budget, to accommodate for a large amount of materials and services. The construction project involves planning and designing the new structure in line with the business owner’s vision before construction begins. A successful construction of this scale takes a huge amount of time to pull off, and is a big project for contractors to win. This will include the likes of high-rise skyscrapers and warehouses.

What Is Commercial Construction Bidding?

A key part of commercial construction is the bidding process. When a commercial construction project is announced, contractors will submit their bids in order to win the project. The bid will include budget, materials and projected timetables among other key factors. These are lucrative projects to win and so there is often steep competition.

What’s The Key To Successful Commercial Construction?

There are many different factors that are crucial to pulling off a successful commercial construction project. Planning, choosing a reliable construction company and choosing high quality materials are absolutely crucial. This will ensure that everything is completed in a timely and efficient manner but to a safe and high standard. 
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