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pouring ready mix concrete onto steel reinforcement structure

There are many different terms used to describe the properties and strength of concrete. One of the terms which you may have heard about and seen on ready mix concrete bags is PSI. What does this mean and why is it important when choosing the right ready mix concrete for your requirements? Let’s find out.

What Is PSI?

PSI stands for Pounds Per Square Inch and is used to refer to how strong the concrete is once it has been cured. Specifically, it refers to the compressive strength. This is a measure of how much compressive force can be applied to the concrete without it breaking or cracking. 

Why Is This Important For Ready Mix Concrete?

PSI is a measure of how strong the concrete is and this is important for determining which applications and projects it is suitable for.  The higher the PSI, the stronger the concrete is and the more it is relied upon for its durability in certain construction projects. Ready mix concrete can be made stronger, i.e the PSI level can be increased by adding cement to the mixture. The ideal PSI depends on various factors, however the bare minimum for concrete typically starts at 3000 PSI. 

What PSI Do I Need For My Ready Mix Concrete?

As PSI is a measure of the strength of concrete, it’s important to choose the correct amount to suit your project. This is essential for ensuring the construction is completed safely and to the standard required. The most common categories of PSI and their applications are listed below:


This type of concrete is primarily used in residential applications such as patios and driveways. This level of strength cannot withstand large amounts of compressive force which is why it is only really used for residential purposes rather than commercial ones. 


3,500 PSI ready mix concrete can withstand slightly higher levels of compressive force which is why it can be used for driveways/ parking areas for heavy vehicles, as well as structural components like foundation footings and slabs. It is often used for beams and girders found in bridges. It is less common for use in general pavements and patios. 


Ready mix concrete that has a PSI of 4,000-4,500 is suitable for supporting heavier loads. For this reason it is mainly used in warehouses and factories. It can also be used in some construction walls and columns. 


Ready mix concrete that exceeds 5,000 PSI is used in special construction projects where the building materials need to be able to withstand heavy impact as well as extreme wear and tear. Structures that are in especially cold climates require a higher strength in order to remain durable against freeze and thaw cycles.

Please note that in Bahrain, we use the measurement Kilonewtons (KN) rather than PSI. 1 PSI is equivalent to 6.8947572932 Kilonewtons. 

Ready-Mix Concrete From Al Manaratain

We know the importance of making sure that your ready mix concrete is flexible to suit your individual construction needs. That’s why we can mix our concrete to suit different strength and property requirements. What makes us stand out from other Bahrain ready mix concrete companies is our two fully computerised batching plants and strict quality control requirements. As well as the most common compressive strengths, we also supply concrete as per specific requirements of the customer. This includes; Polypropylene Fiber, FPA, Waterproof and Lean mixes. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to request a quote or find out more.