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Al Manaratain Ready Mix Truck Drum

A concrete mixer is a crucial piece of construction equipment that’s used to mix cement, aggregates and water in order to produce concrete mechanically. There are lots of different types of concrete mixer that can be used to make production quick and economical. There are two broad categories of mixers known as batch mixers and continuous mixers. Let’s take a closer look at the machines found within these two categories. 

Batch Mixers

With a batch concrete mixer, the ingredients for one batch are placed, mixed and discharged before another batch is introduced. They can handle large volumes of cement slurry, with the two most popular types being drum type mixers and pan type mixers.

Drum Type Mixers

The materials are mixed in a drum which rotates to mix the concrete together before discharging it. There are three main types of drum concrete mixer. These are:

  • Tilting drum mixer: the concrete is discharged by the drum tilting downwards. This is a rapid process that’s used for larger projects
  • Non-tilting drum mixer: rather than tilting, the drum rotates on its horizontal axis. This type of concrete mixer is generally used for small projects as the discharge is slower.
  • Reversing drum mixer: the drum has two openings, one for pouring and one for discharge. The drum rotates in one direction for mixing and in the opposite direction for discharging

There is also a transit concrete mixer truck which mixes the aggregates in a drum whilst also being able to transport the concrete to the site.  We use these at Al Manaratain to improve the speed and efficiency of construction projects. 

Pan Type Mixers

This type of concrete mixer consists of a pan in which the concrete is mixed using blades which are arranged into a star shape. Either the blades rotate while the pan stays static, or the pan rotates while the blades stay static. Either way this is an efficient process for mixing concrete. 

Continuous Mixers

A continuous concrete mixer will be used for large scale projects such as building bridges, dams or skyscrapers. As the name suggests, the loading, mixing and discharging of the mix is done continuously, rather than in batches, until the work is complete. Screw feeders are used to load the materials. The mixers consist of on-tilting drums with screw type blades that spin in a constant motion in the middle of the drum. The drum is tilted downwards towards the opening and the mixing time is determined by its tilt. 

At Al Manaratain we have two fully computerised batching plants with a range of transit mixers and concrete pumps to suit the individual requirements of all our customers. All our products go through strict quality control procedures to ensure they meet our meticulous standards of quality and safety. To discuss the materials that you require for your construction project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.