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Precast Concrete Slabs Being Made At The Al Manaratain Hafeera Factory

When it comes to your major projects, we know there’s a lot of options to choose from. It’s no surprise that even things like the type of concrete you may use might be up for consideration. At Al Manaratain, we’re proud to be able to offer both precast concrete and ready-mix options for your construction site. We’ll handle the quality and help you source the right product for the job but first, you need to decide which type of concrete is most ideal for you. Below you’ll see some great comparisons to help you choose.

Precast Concrete Or Ready-Mix – Which Is Better For Your Project?

The difference between precast concrete and ready-mix concrete is simple but very big. Precast concrete is made in a mixing plant after you’ve chosen the correct mix for your project’s specs and regulations. It’s poured into moulds and allowed to set, and then the product is delivered to the site. Ready-mix concrete is carefully mixed and measured per your specific needs to follow regulations and specifications of your project. It’s mixed and audited by the Al Manaratain internal quality control team, and when it’s ready to head to the site, it’s driven over promptly when you need it. There are pros and cons to both types of concrete, depending on the application for your site.

About Precast Concrete

Generally speaking, precast concrete is more common and applicable to commercial and industrial project sites. It has a variety of uses, from boundary walls to high rise structures and parking structures. The quality control involved in utilising precast concrete is a bit more in-depth, it’s cured in a contained environment so there are eyes on it constantly. Mobility is another great benefit, and poor weather won’t affect precast concrete that has been laid or put in position. It allows your construction company to move and adjust accordingly. It tends to be a little more in cost, however, due to the process, involvement and time and space required to pour and cure your concrete pieces.

About Ready Mix Concrete

If you’re looking at using ready-mix concrete for your job site, it might be a bit more cost-effective. It also has the benefit of a shorter project timeline, as it can be poured and cured in its exact location. Labour costs will be less, and the freight involved in transporting your premade slabs is no longer an issue. The quality may not be quite as high as utilising precast concrete. While here at Al Manaratain we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, ready-mix poured concrete simply doesn’t have the level of oversight as our precast product. It can also only be poured on flat surfaces, so its use for boundary walls and taller structures is not possible.

Which Is Best For Your Project?

Due to their very different properties, it is common for both Ready Mix and Precast Concrete to be used side-by-side on the same building site. The two complement each other and one is often used when the other simply cannot be. If you want to learn more about these two concrete products, we have written two helpful guides covering the advantages and disadvantages of Ready Mix and the pros and cons of Precast Concrete. For more information, please contact Al Manaratain.