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Ready-mix concrete can be used for a variety of construction projects, such as buildings, extensions, paths, walkways and more. Here at Al Manaratain, we supply concrete both at specific requirements as well as the most common compressive strengths. Here are just some of the benefits of using ready-mix concrete:


There are several ways in which ready-mix concrete can help reduce costs on a project. For example, it eliminates the need for hand mixing on-site which can quickly ramp up labour costs. You also wouldn’t need to pay out for storage or material consumption, simply order the desired mix and have it delivered ready to use immediately. Any batch that you order is carefully and accurately measured so that there is minimal wastage, another helpful way to help reduce project costs.

Quality & Consistency

By having the concrete made at a mixing plant, it allows you to order the exact mixture you need to meet any specifications and regulations. This method also guarantees more accuracy than if the concrete was mixed by hand. Plus, if you needed more ready-mix concrete, you can be assured that the next batch will be of the same consistency and quality as the first. Al Manaratain ready-mix concrete is thoroughly tested by our internal quality department, so you can be assured that it will meet all your quality specifications as well as international standards.

Time Efficient

Why go through the time and effort of hand mixing concrete when you can have it delivered ready to go? Ready-mix concrete can be delivered directly to site, prepared to suit the exact project requirements. Whether it is for a small landscaping job, or a large commercial project, having concrete ready mixed and ready to apply is going to cut down labour time, and therefore labour costs. At Al Manaratain, our Ready-Mix division has two batching plants as well as a range of transit mixers and concrete pumps to help you complete your project as quickly and easily as possible.

Environmentally Friendly

You may not think of ready-mix concrete as a particularly green product, but you will be surprised at the minimal impact that it has on the environment. Let’s take the core ingredients for example; water, cement and aggregates are all readily available and easy enough to extract without causing environmental damage. Plus, by manufacturing it to specification, this reduces or eliminates wastage with a reduction of energy used at the mixing plant. Although, if there is any surplus, this can easily be reused or recycled. On top of all this, using ready-mix concrete reduces dust pollution that can occur with bagged concrete, so this produces a healthier environment for on-site staff too.