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The Chairman of Al Manaratain, Maisan Al-Khamiri, was recently interviewed by CEO Magazine and talked about everything from his father, Al Manaratain’s founder, to his dreams of taking the company public. You can read the full interview on their website, but below are two short extracts from Maisan’s conversation with CEO Magazine:

Maisan Al-Khamiri

“When my father first set up the business, the company was one of a few. Today, there are about 15 similar firms. Back then, our society was not yet mature. There were many things that had to be established. There were schools, hospitals and homes to be built. The booming market allowed easy entry into the industry. Many people who are now our competitors were once our customers. But the market today is much more saturated, and to be successful, any new player will have to have something that others don’t.”

“Even though we have more than 700 employees today, we remain a family-run business that still operates like it did many years ago. We may have many managers running the show, but if something goes wrong, our customers know that they can always come directly to the owners, who will put it right. There are no barriers between us and the customers. We don’t consider someone who buys a million units to be more important than someone who buys just 10.”

About Maisan Al-Khamiri

Maisan Al-Khamiri began working at Al Manaratain in 1980, after studying in Lebanon and the United Kingdom. His father, Mr Ali Al-Shaab, brought him on to help modernise the company and introduce new ideas to help the company grow and branch out into new areas. Even after 40 years at Al Manaratain, Maisan likes to be actively involved in the day-to-day running company and is passionate about ensuring the happiness of Al Manaratain’s customers and employees. He operates an open-door policy so that anybody with an issue can come to speak with him directly.