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In 1978, Al Manaratain opened our sand and aggregate washing plant. In 1984 we introduced double-washed sand and aggregate to greatly improve the quality with the assistance of a 75,000 US Gallon water purification plant located on our Tashan and Eker sites. Since then, Al Manaratain washed sand has come to be relied upon for its high quality, cost-efficiency and sustainable qualities.

Washed sand is used widely in private and commercial construction projects across the world. This isn’t surprising when you consider the many benefits it has in comparison to other types of sand. So without further ado, let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits of this essential construction material.

No Impurities

The process of ‘washing’ sand involves removing clay, silt, dust and other unwanted particles from the sand. It also removes sulphate and chloride in order to meet the specifications for the British standard of sand used in concrete. Once washed, the sand is left to drain. Sand that has not been processed in this way and contains a high content of silt and clay, can be damaging to constructions, particularly when used on screed and concrete.

More Sustainable

A shortage of natural sand combined with the damage caused by sand mining from river beds means that natural sand is not a sustainable construction material. Choosing to use manufactured sand alleviates the pressure on river beds that are constantly being dredged and destroyed in order to source sand. Additionally, manufactured sand can be created closer to construction sites reducing transportation energy and costs.

More Cost-Effective

Washed sand is more readily available than natural sand, driving down transportation costs as we’ve mentioned, but also ensuring that the supply meets the demanded quantity. Its advantageous properties, namely its high strength and workability, also make it an economical choice.

High Strength

Washed sand benefits from being a lot stronger than other types of sand. This is why it is such a good choice for projects requiring tough mortar. When mixed with concrete it also makes a high strength and versatile construction material that is suitable for a range of different projects.

Excellent Drainage Properties

Due to its large grain size and low silt and clay content, washed sand is a free-draining material. This makes it particularly well suited for lawn care and landscaping as well as laying paving courses. Sands that are not free-draining can be susceptible to water permeation and absorbing an excessive amount of moisture.

Better Quality Control

Due to the washing process, washed sand is guaranteed to be of higher quality than natural sand. Al Manaratain has strict quality control measures in place at all our washer plants to ensure all our washed sand is of the highest quality.


As we’ve alluded to throughout this article, sand that has been washed and treated is suitable for a range of construction projects. This can include render and floor screeds, concrete materials, paving courses, tough mortar, lawn care, and landscaping.

For more information about the benefits and uses of washed sand from Al Manaratain, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.