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Decorative concrete floor Quadro Paving

With a wide variety of concrete pavers to choose from, including different shapes, thickness, and colours, decorative concrete floors are a beautiful addition to any home or public space. Once you have invested in decorative concrete floors, you will not be surprised to find that they will need maintenance in order to keep them looking in excellent condition. However, it should also be mentioned that when designing your decorative concrete floors, the extent of how often your floors will need cleaning will depend on numerous factors such as how often they get walked on, this may seem self-explanatory – however, this is the largest factor.

You should also always follow the sealing or maintenance schedule recommended by your concrete contractor to keep your decorative floor looking its best. At Al Manaratain we would recommend when designing your floor, to keep in mind that saw cut patterns create narrow grooves in the surface that can trap dirt.

By following these simple steps, not only will you have fantastic looking decorative concrete floors, but you’ll also save money in the long run. This is because concrete pavers that have been well looked after and properly maintained will last numerous a good deal longer than those that haven’t been.

  1. Keep them swept – Sweeping floors is the easiest way to maintain your decorative concrete floors, and should be swept often. This step is also essential for when your floors are due a polish as it eliminates the risk of any dust being left in on the surface.
  2. Do not over polish – We know it’s hard but you should always avoid over-polishing decorative concrete floors. Polishing too much will scrub away the top layer of the floor, and will more than likely change the colour. We would recommend polishing on a monthly basis when the floors are at their dirtiest. This is the time that you can get the floors to change, and they are not cleaned so much that they start to lose their lustre or that topcoat that makes them look good in the first place.
  3. Use a soft scrubber – A floor cleaning machine is really handy, however when purchasing a floor cleaning machine, you should ensure that the buffer is as soft as possible, this will prevent decorative concrete floors from being scratched up or torn.
  4. Coat them once a year – Your concrete floors need to be coated once a year to keep them clean and free from moisture. The coat itself helps them shine, and you will simply clean over this the rest of the year. The coating that will need to be applied will vary according to what type you have, therefore you should contain the suppliers of your decorative concrete floors, so they can recommend what would be best.

Decorative Concrete Floors By Al Manaratain

At Al Manaratain we offer 8 different concrete pavers. These are:

  1. 3D paving blocks – The deceived game between light and shadow seems to transform surfaces into three-dimensional objects. 3D paving with its illusionary effect attracts every viewer.
  2. Quadro Paving Block – Gives you endless possibilities of design and pattern. It is available in more than ten colours, each colour blends in harmoniously and adds beauty to modern architecture or traditional homes.
  3. Artificial Paving – Artificial stones which are accepted as the economical and environmental alternative to natural stone.
  4. Rectangular Paving – The paving block may be laid in a variety of patterns including traditional stretcher bond, basket weave, 45° and 90° herringbones. These are usually used in areas that receive a high amount of traffic.
  5. Cobblestone – Cobblestone paving is suitable for light traffic areas, walkways, gardens, and patios.
  6. Uni Decor Paving – Combines two distinct shapes in one paver for a classically elegant design, ageless in its appearance
  7. Paving Slabs – available in various sizes, shapes and colours. These are mainly used for walkways, gardens, and patios.
  8. Uni Paving Block – laid in a variety of patterns including traditional stretcher bond, basket weave, 90° herringbone and 45° herringbone.

Our pavers are manufactured and tested according to the British Standards and Ministry specifications, thereby ensuring that our concrete pavers are always of the highest quality. If you have any more questions on the maintenance of decorative concrete floors, feel free to contact a friendly member of the Al Manaratain team today.

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