Pre-stressed Concrete T Beam Block Floors

The Al Manaratain flooring system combines pre-stressed concrete T-Beams and infill blocks with a compressive strength of 7.0 N/mm², together result in a highly efficient and cost-effective flooring system. This eliminates the need for skilled labor because of its simplicity and ease of installation.

Al Manaratain Pre-stressed Floor Beams are designed in accordance with BS 8110: Part 1: 1997 and Part 2: 1985. The infill blocks used in flooring system are manufactured to BS 6073, Part 1, 1981 and have a compressive strength of 7.0 N/mm².

Available Sizes
150mm and 200mm for Deep Floors

Fire Resistance
Assessed in accordance with BS 8110, the unprotected joists have a nominal fire rating of approximately one hour, additional fire resistance will be obtained by underlining the floor with plasterboard.

The thermal transmission (U-Value) of Al Manaratain floor construction depends upon the type of floor finish, floor size and insulation employed. Al Manaratain technical department would be pleased to furnish you with calculations and results on your proposed floor constructions. U-Value: 2.90 W/m² C of our system without any floor finishes.

Pre-stressed T-Beams are cast in special moulds. The concrete used for precast production is a specially designed mix with a 28-day compressive strength of 75 N/mm², with a strict control on the quality of aggregates, sand, and water used for the concrete production.

  • Low cost, all-weather flooring
  • Limited ground work-minimum infill required
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Excellent noise reduction and fire resistance on subsequent floor levels
  • Immediate floor and working surface
  • Fast-track construction results in a lower cost flooring system
  • Full Layout and design service available

The T-Beam & block floors are suitable for ground and all subsequent floor levels. This flooring is not restricted to private housing and has been widely used in other projects such as flats, commercial developments, hotels, hospitals, schools, high- rise buildings, etc.