Decorative Artificial Stone Pavers

Al Manaratain artificial stones are accepted as the economical and environmental alternative to natural stone. All stone products combine the look and feel of traditional stone with the high performance, long life, low maintenance qualities of modern materials. Each range is carefully designed to make detailing and construction as simple and straight forward as possible. That saves time and money on the site. Yet the finished project will have an originality of hand-crafted authentic appearance.

The products are manufactured from naturally occurring aggregates, special blends of sulfate resistant cement, premium admixtures and color pigments. The mix is regularly tested for consistency. In the production process, equal care is taken to ensure that the blend of colors reflects natural hues found within the original stone.

The products include different type of paving, edges, walling blocks etc in different shapes and colors. They are ideal for creating a special effect in many garden features like the patio, walk ways terrace, swimming pool deck, steps, flower boxes, copying etc.