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Al Manaratain Laying Concrete Floor

More often than not, people don’t think there is a difference between polished vs sealed concrete floors. After all, at first glance both these concrete products can look very similar. This means that trying to differentiate between the two can feel like playing a very tough game of spot the difference.

Although polished vs sealed concrete floors might not at first appear all that different, there is real variation in the different properties which each concrete product has.

When deciding between polished vs sealed concrete floors, it’s a good idea to consider the following differences:


When deciding between polished vs sealed concrete floors, the level of protection provided by each is a really important factor to take into account as this will impact the floor’s functionality and wear.

Whilst sealed concrete floors are only protected by a top layer coating, polished concrete floors are made using additional chemicals that harden the cement. Chemical densifiers are applied to the concrete to increase the surface hardness of the floor making it more resistant to scratches and damages than sealed concrete.


In terms of the difference in lifespan between polished vs concrete floors, it is polished concrete which is likely to maintain its quality for a longer time than sealed concrete. This is a result of the extra ingredients which are added to polished concrete floors to densify it.

Sealed Concrete floors which are only protected by a thin, top layer will easily scratch and erode when faced with impact. Polished concrete floors on the other hand will last a lifetime if cared for correctly- and this brings us onto our next point which is…

Maintenance & Care

A major difference between polished vs sealed concrete floors is the difference in maintenance that is required. In general, floors made from polished concrete require less maintenance than sealed concrete floors. Because sealed concrete is prone to damaging more easily, it will require resealing regularly (something like every 3 to 5 years) depending on the level of traffic it is exposed to and quality of the topcoat.

Much more resistant to damage, polished concrete will only require a rebuff once every 10 years or so in order to bring back that glossy finish! Day-to-day cleaning for polished floors is much like caring for any other floor in the house. Sweeping or mopping the floors regularly will be enough, although it is worth making sure spillages are cleaned up quickly to prevent the liquid absorbing into the concrete – you can read more about our top cleaning tips for polished concrete on the Al Manaratain website.


When comparing polished vs sealed concrete floors we understand how important a factor cost is. The cost of any concrete floor will vary depending on the materials used, the finish required and the preparation required for the concrete to be laid.

Generally speaking, polished concrete requires a greater initial investment than sealed concrete flooring. In the long run, however, polished concrete, if cared for correctly, will require lower maintenance costs and will last a much longer time than sealed concrete making it more cost-effective overall.


Concrete floors are a timeless interior design trend. This is why we see concrete products used worldwide in commercial and private spaces. So, when it comes to determining the difference in appearance between polished vs sealed concrete floors, what are the main variants?

Sealed concrete provides a high gloss finish that looks smart and professional. When polished concrete floors are made, aggregates such as stone are ground into the concrete surface instilling real character into the finish of the floor.

Ready-mix concrete can be made to suit individual style and at Al Manaratain we tailor-make our concrete mixes to suit individual customer requirements. This provides our customers with the means to create a versatile range of concrete floors which suit their preferences.